The 80s Detective: Season 1

Canon to Color Me Geeky’s Animated Universe,The 80’s Detective solves difficult cases around Shadow City. Defeating crime lords and solving complicated crimes that involve many people. However, there is one case he desperately wants to solve before it is to late for Shadow City. Who is The Animator?

This Animated Series releases episodes Irregularly. From time to time, new episodes get released. Also, this series is Canon with my other Animated series, Color Me Geeky. You do not need to watch one series to understand the other. You can watch both series separately and enjoy them individually if you do not like the other. However, watching both can help get a better taste of the subtle lore in the background.Stay Animated.

The 80s Detective Season 1

Watch The 80s Detective Season 1 using the YouTube Playlist system.

Categorized as Animation

By andianimations27

Independent 2D Animator from Brooklyn N.Y. Creator of the series, "Color Me Geeky", "The 80s Detective" and "The Wobbly Sword".

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