Color Me Geeky: Redraw Challenge

I was inspired to take the redraw challenge. I decided to do this art of Geeky and Roundman that I did around June of 2018. It was one of the first art works that I did of these two. I decided to redraw this because the characters look quite different. Take a look for yourself.

Trivia: I originally did this art using pencil and washable markers.
Trivia: I did this blue line draft on Flipaclip.

I cherish this art of the both of them so much. It demonstrates the type of energy the series brings to me and I hope it brings to you. A positive and  inviting energy. Even though Roundman is a Glitch, he still holds his morals to protect. Even influence others to do the right thing. Geeky sharing those same values and is trying to improve herself. Both of them are a team, though sometimes they argue, though they’re always together.

This art shows the heart and soul of the series. To me, my art has gotten more clean and refined. However, the spirit is the same. What I was trying to convey then, hasn’t changed now. If there’s anything that I want to share with you all is to not give up, take your time. No matter how long it takes, take it one day at a time. You’ll get there. Stay Animated Always.


By andianimations27

Independent 2D Animator. Creator of the series, "Color Me Geeky", "The 80s Detective" and "The Wobbly Sword".

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