Color Me Geeky: Golem FIght (Full Version) A brand new compilation of Color Me Geeky is now out for everyone. The whole Golem Fight can now be viewed for your own entertainment. This took years to do and am so proud of how it turned out. Thank you all for your continued support, it means so much. 😁 Stay Animated Everyone.

Sneak Peek of Color Me Geeky Episode 23 (Part 8) Patreon release a new Video feature. Now we can put exclusive video on Patreon without using another outlet. Why not test out this awesome video feature by releasing a sneak peek of Color Me Geeky’s next Episode. Click the link above and join a tier. Stay Animated Everyone, see you all there.

Color Me Geeky- Episode 23 (Part 7) : Team Up is Out Now A brand new episode of Color Me Geeky is out now. Here’s a Synopsis: The battle has started between Geeky, Roundman, Ralph and the mysterious girl versus the Golem. All seems well until….Thank you all for watching. Stay Animated Everyone!